7th Eko International film festival winners 2016
“Film & Cultural Diplomacy: Nollywood Case” by Hope Obioma Opara
Lagos State Government Nigeria  has endorsed the annual Eko International Film Festival
Eko International Film Festival  7th edition in Collaboration with  US-Embassy Lagos American Documentary Showcase
CPD 9th Annual Research Conference On Cultural Diplomacy University of Southern California

“Film & Cultural Diplomacy: Nollywood Case” by Hope Obioma Opara

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The President/Founder Eko International Film Festival Mr Hope Obioma Opara’s  paper on “Film & Cultural Diplomacy: Nollywood Case” which have been published in University of Southern California USA, Public Diplomacy Bi-Annual Magazine. On Pages 33-37. See link for digital copy that is online already at the following  where you can download the soft copy of the magazine.

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Mr Hope Obioma Opara (President/Founder Eko International Film Festival)


Now Open : 7th Edition of Eko International Film Festival Film Submission


ekoiff new 2

The Eko International Film Festival will return for its seventh edition in 2016 from October 24th to 29th. The Film Festival is open to filmmakers from around the world and also contributes to the Nigeria being positioned as a creative hub through its focus on high quality, Nigeria cinema.
Eko International Film Festival is accepting entries to the 7th EKOIFF edition. Applications for submitting films are being accepted on the official EKOIFF website
(Submission starts March 1st and Deadline: July 15, 2016).
For a summary of the regulations for the 2016 edition, please visit the EKOIFF website; or contact us by e-mail at
The Festival accepts films in five categories which includes:

• Feature Film,
• Short Film,
• Fiction,
• Documentaries,
• Short Documentaries

More information on the programme will be released in the lead up to the event.

The 2015 Annual Eko International Film Festival Winners

The 6th annual Eko International Film Festival is officially a wrap.


god-forgive-us-movieBest feature film: God forgive us  by  Michael Bachochin USA

ka 2Best Nigerian Film: Heavens Hell by Katung Direkta Aduwak  Nigeria


Below find the full list of winners.

Ekoiff 2015 Winners

Feature Film Category Award


1. Best feature film : God forgive us by Michael Bachochin USA


2. Best Nigerian Film: Heavens Hell by Katung Direkta Aduwak Nigeria


3. Best Actor Jeffery Kissoon from the film Ham & The Piper Uk


4. Best Actress Bimbo Akintola from the film Heavens Hell Nigeria


5. Best Supporting Actor Chumani Pan from the film Silverain Ghana


6. Best Supporting Actress Nse Ikpe Etim from the film Heavens Hell Nigeria

Documentary Award Category


Best Documentary Under the Palaver Tree by Clair Savary France

Indigenous Film Award


1.Best Indigenous Film . Bogiri Olanu by Taiwo Samuel Nigeria


2.Best Actor Indigenous Tayo Afolayan from the film Alaaru Nigeria


3.Best Actress Indigenous Fatia Balogun from the film Bogiri Olanu Nigeria


Short Film Category Award


1. Best Short Film Awaiting Lazarus by Duke Orok UK/Nigeria


2. Best Nigeria Short Film Zyra by Douglas Enogieru Nigeria


3. Best Actor Short Film Michael Peters from the film Awaiting Lazarus UK/Nigeria


4. Best Actress Short Film Abigail Ocheibi from the short film Deranged Nigeria


Student Animation Film Award


Best Student Film Animation: Tatiana by Farouk Sadiq Nigeria


1. Outstanding Young Actor Award Somadina Adinma from the film
Miss Teacher Nigeria

obasi2. Outstanding Young Actress Award Treasure Obasi from the film
Heavens Hell Nigeria


Outstanding Young Actress Award   Treasure Obasi  from the film Heavens Hell  Nigeria


“STOLEN LIVES” kicks off 6th Eko International Film Festival

This year marks the 6th Annual Eko International Film Festival. The festival runs from November 16-21,2015.
The  film “STOLEN LIVES” kicks off the Festival on Monday, November 16 at the prestigious Silverbird Cinemas Victoria Island Lagos.


The film Stolen Lives

Synopsis: A night of promiscuous escapade opens up a new chapter in the life of young Amarachi Ogudu; and an entire best-selling novel into the lives of 3 friends.  It’s a web of lies, betrayals, hate, and LOVE.

Official Selection 6th edition Eko International Film Festival 2015


official selection

Every new year brings us another Eko International Film Festival which the 6th edition will kick off November 16-21,2015 at the prestigious Silverbird Cinemas Victoria Island. Lagos, Nigeria. Below  is the Official Selection of films for the 2015 festival.

Feature Films

THE HERO                     by               Laun   KRYEZIU    : KOSOVO

GOD FORGIVE US        by              Michael  BACHOCHIN    : USA

CONFERENCING          by               Emmanuel PLASSERAUD  :    FRANCE

TRAGEDY                      by               Azita MOGOUEE :   IRAN

HAM & THE PIPER      by                 Mark Norfock : UK

POPOLO                       by                 Edo NATASHA : USA

SILVER RAIN                by                 Juliet    Asanze : GHANA

STOLEN LIVES             by                 Emmanuel Williams:   NIGERIA

REQUITE                     by                 Ego Aghedo : NIGERIA

MISS TEACHER           by                  Chika Ike :  NIGERIA

HEAVENS HELL           by                  Katung Direkta Aduwak  : NIGERIA

STIGMA                       by                   Dagogo Diminas : NIGERIA



Documentary Films

AFUERA                                       by        -U Laurentia GEBSKE  :   FRANCE



Indigenous Films

ALARAU                                      by                Tayo Afolayan :NIGERIA

BOGIRI OLANU                          by                 Taiwo Samuel: NIGERIA

IJE EGO                                      by              Osy Living Stone:   NIGERIA



Short films

ZYRA                                           by        Douglas ENOGIERU :  Nigeria

AWAITING LAZARUS                 by         Orok DUKE :      Uk/Nigeria

DUST LAND                                 by          Jacob C   ANDERSON:  USA

SPOONS                                      by          Olivia WATSON:   UK

LA BOUCLE (THE LOOP)           by          Didier CHENEAU  :   France

THE AWAKENING                       by          Steven  MATTHEWS :   Nigeria

GOLDEN RATIO                          by           Kingsley OBORO:    Nigeria/Ghana

SOBRIETY                                    by           Donatus DENIS N :   Nigeria

BROKEN DESTINY                       by           Kocabelle   GUIMINI : Nigerian Resident

DERANGED                                  by           Lawrence   CHUKWU : Nigerian



Student Animation Films

TATIANA                                      by         Faruk SADIQ, Sadiq SADIQ : Nigeria

PICO                                             by         Kelvin ATTEMIE- HART :  Nigeria



The Eko International Film Festival is one of the premier venues for the exhibition and promotion of feature and short films in the Lagos, and one of the leading independent film festivals in Africa dedicated to celebrating and sharing with national and international audiences the absolute best in the world of films and screenplays, film scores, and some other genres.
The festival features special presentations, retrospectives, workshops, pitch panels, networking events, celebrities, a gala awards reception and ceremony, and many of the world’s top independent film screenings.


After the deadline for film submission for the 6th edition of the annual Eko International Film Festival. We received 3114 Film from 118 countries of the world. The festival Team will announce the selected films before the end of September



The Film “Promise Land” From USA,


Submission  by Location

Country Submissions
United States 361
United Kingdom 209
Spain 156
Canada 149
India 148
France 139
Iran, Islamic Republic of 116
Italy 96
Brazil 81
Germany 78
Not Specified 48
Russian Federation 46
Egypt 42
Portugal 41
Turkey 40
Argentina 37
Ireland 31
Australia 31
Mexico 27
Nigeria 34
Philippines 24
Taiwan 22
Poland 21
China 21
Romania 21
Singapore 20
Korea, Republic of 18
Israel 17
Denmark 15
Sweden 15
Hong Kong 15
Belgium 13
Croatia 13
Syrian Arab Republic 12
Switzerland 12
Greece 12
Netherlands 12
South Africa 11
Serbia 11
Finland 11
Bulgaria 10
Peru 10
Indonesia 9
New Zealand 9
Austria 9
Kosovo 9
Pakistan 9
Angola 9
Nepal 8
Ukraine 8
Hungary 7
Bangladesh 7
Iraq 7
Japan 7
Ecuador 7
Thailand 7
Norway 6
Colombia 6
Kazakhstan 6
Cameroon 6
Viet Nam 6
Chile 6
Czech Republic 5
Cuba 5
Bahrain 5
Sri Lanka 5
Uganda 5
Lithuania 4
Algeria 4
United Arab Emirates 4
Malaysia 4
Afghanistan 4
Lebanon 4
Georgia 4
Morocco 4
Kenya 4
Ghana 3
Slovakia 3
Cyprus 3
Moldova, Republic of 3
Estonia 2
Côte d’Ivoire 2
Lesotho 2
Dominican Republic 2
Mongolia 2
Myanmar 2
Puerto Rico 2
Palestine, State of 2
Martinique 2
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 2
Tanzania, United Republic of 2
Congo, the Democratic Republic of the 2
Iceland 2
Isle of Man 2
Belarus 2
Jordan 1
Latvia 1
Gabon 1
Western Sahara 1
Qatar 1
Mozambique 1
Malta 1
Botswana 1
Paraguay 1
Luxembourg 1
Azerbaijan 1
El Salvador 1
Kyrgyzstan 1
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of 1
Zimbabwe 1
Macao 1
Guinea-Bissau 1
Guinea 1
Rwanda 1
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of 1
Guadeloupe 1
French Polynesia 1

Entries by Category

Category Entries
Feature Film , Short Film , Fiction, Documentaries , Short Documentaries, Horror, Student Film 1 minute 2511


‘VERDICT’ by Stanlee Ohikhuare for 6th Ekoiff

verdict_awards 2


19 year Old LaVena Johnson joined the Army sequel to the 911 terrorist attacks.
She was sent to Iraq by the Army.
On July 19th a soldier with a black book knocked on her parents’ door. He regretfully informed them of their daughter’s death.
Her 20th birthday became her wake.
She had been Battered, Raped and Murdered with convincing evidence.
The Army however, says it was SUICIDE.
VERDICT is a re-enactment of the Army’s Conclusion on the case which they insist is “CLOSED”!


Stanlee Ohikhuare The Director

Dagogo Diminas movie ‘Stigma’ for 6th Ekoiff

GOGO Film Director Dagogo Diminas

S T I G M A UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon said: “Stigma remains the single most important barrier to public action. It is a main reason why too many people are afraid to see a doctor to determine whether they have the disease, or to seek treatment if so. It helps make AIDS the silent killer, because people fear the social disgrace of speaking about it, or taking easily available precautions. Stigma is a chief reason why the AIDS epidemic continues to devastate societies around the world. We can fight stigma. STIG Synopsis A fiction drama about ignorance and the consequences of carelessness. But also about the power to overcome desperate situations in life, to burst one’s bonds and finally to be what you want to be. The life that surrounds Vanessa in the small village she lives is manageable. Her mother, Ibiso, works as the local midwife, she is the only child of an already finished relationship and her mother’s job permits her to go to school.

There are few obligations for her until her mother decides to accept the rampant promises of Smart Bob Manuel and marry him. Quickly this new stepfather shows his real face including his penchants for other women, stealing the mother’s money and spend it for his extensive journeys to the local bar. Finally his way ends in the house and in the arms of Ibiso’s best friend. Vanessa’s childhood come to an abrupt end when her mother becomes ill, first without knowing the reason, and Vanessa needs to work in her mother’s profession to aliment the family with now two more little children. She must learn about the enormity of ignorant thinking when a doctor and very good friend of hers diagnoses AIDS to her mother which results in the community including family members and her stepfather ostracize her mother and her. In this very moment they need help and support, but get only indifference and refusal.
Stigmatized, Ibiso dies in desperation and loneliness. Vanessa’s heritage is a continuous stigmatization and financial problem because the instilled fear makes most of her patients stay away. Although she’s working with more medical precautions than her mother, Vanessa becomes infected with the virus also. The young woman is going to cave in, remembering the sad way in which her mother was taken, and to be left alone from her dearly beloved longtime boyfriend.
When Vanessa decides to end her tragic life by herself, it takes a turn for the better, for the only reason that there’s someone who is not following that antiquated ways of thinking. With the help of that person Vanessa is no more a prisoner of circumstance and social rape. She turns her illness into the possibility to begin a new life and buries the stigma of being HIV positive by starting a career as a motivational speaker and famous advocate of people with AIDS. Her successful fight not only initiates her personal reformation but also companions of Vanessa’s past develop and now want to come back to her life.
But forgiveness is not easy to grant and sometimes it could be too late….